Attention please:

Where can I put my DVR/NVR?

---DVR/NVR needs to be left in an Air condition room. And also please make sure that let the air go through around the DVR/NVR especially the bottom of DVRs/NVRs. Customers can block up the bottom of the DVR/NVR. Too hot of DVR/NVR may cause the DVR/NVR malfunction.


POS Text Inserter Interface



     1. DVR  


         2. NVR (Network Video Recorder)


         3. IP Camera


    Video Tutorials

    1. Complete DVR System Connection (view)
    2. DVR system Physical Connection (view)
    3. Power box Instructions (view)
    4. DVR Only Motion Recording (view)                                      
    5. DVR Email Notification Instructions (view)
    6. DVR Playback Menu Instructions (view)
    7. DVR Backup To USB (view)
    8. PC Network Setting Instructions (view)
    9. Smartphone Network Setting Instructions (view)
    10. DVR how to create users (view)
    11. DVR How to change Admin Password (view)
    12. DVR Audio Setup Instructions (view)
    13. Physical Audio Connection (view)
    14. DVR How to Add IP Camera to DVR (view)

    Troubleshooting Guide                                        

    • DVR                                                                     
    • NVR                                                               

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