HDMI to IP Converter


 Usually, if you need to have a DVR/NVR’s monitor but far away from a DVR or NVR unit, you have to use a HDMI/VGA cable or its  extender cable  to connect the monitor from DVR or NVR video server. The disadvantage of this method is that the distance is limited and its signal is easily distorted. This is a headache problem that people often encounter.

 Now IntekBox provides a devide called HDMI2IP that let your DVR/NVR HDMI video output converts to network data output and connect to the network. This HDMI to IP convertor supports HD 1080P/4K resolution.

After installing the convertor HDMI2IP, IntekBox IP Input Monitor can access your DVR/NVR video stream over network no matter how far it from DVR/NVR unit. It is now much easier to set up a monitor than the tradition connection methods. And actually, you can set up two or more monitors over network to connnect to DVR/NVR if you want. 


·        Single network port connects to a local network system

·        No extra cable needed to connect the monito to DVR/NVR

·        No distance limited from DVR/NVR unit to a monitor

·        Convertor runs  on most reliable embedded Linux OS

·    Supports two more monitors on the network

·        Live view in full HD resolution from 2M to 4K(3840x2160)

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