32" 4K IP Input Monitor


    IntekBox offers innovative product HD 4K IP Input Security Surveillance Monitor. Thanks to IntekBox new edge IP technologies, this 4K IP Input Monitor is built-in Linux OS, no PC computer needed and CMS software needed. It supports HD resolution from 1080P to 4K (3840x2160), connects with any IP camera that supports ONVIF protocol. Each monitor can decode up to 16 IP cameras.
     Now, it is easily to set up an IP Security Surveillance Monitor with IP ONVIF protocol’s cameras. You can simply set up an IntekBox IP monitor on your network by connecting it to a network switch or router, search IP cameras over the network and pick up which camera you want to add to a monitor. You can also set up two or more monitors in multiple locations at  same network. And even more,  you can group all IP cameras to different IP monitors as you like.


1.  Single network port connects to a local network system.
2.  Running on most reliable embedded Linux OS.
3.  Super easy to add ONVIF Compatible IP Cameras.
4.  Set up multiple IP monitors in the same network.
5.  Group all different IP cameras to different IP monitors.
6.  Live view in full HD resolution from 1080P to 4K(3840x2160). 
7.  Supports  MOST ONVIF protocol compatible IP cameras.
8.  Supports  full range of IP cameras from 1080P/720P  to 4K.
9.  Auto sequence with 1CH/4CH/9CH/16CH layout.
10.Customized live view with 1CH/ 4CH/9CH/16CH layout.
11.Motion beeping alert and motion pop up full screen.
12.Remote live view via Free mobile APP.
13.Easily to drag one channel to another on the screen.
14.Fit for monitor screen size from 19” to 70”. 
15.No extra video cable needed to get the video data.