16CH 4K IP Input Viewer Box

   IntekBox offers innovative products IP Input Security Surveillance Monitor solution. With IntekBox new edge IP technologies,  this IP Monitor uses Linux OS, no PC computer need, supports HD resolution from 1080P to 4K(3840x2160), can connect to any IP camera that support ONVIF protocol and decode can decode up to 8 IP cameras. You can set up a IP Monitor  at any place you want over your local network.
    Usually, if you need to set up a spot monitor far away from a video server, for example, a DVR or NVR  monitor server system video server, you have to use a HDMI/VGA cable or its  extender cable  to connect a monitor from video server.

    Now, it is very easy to set up a IP Security Surveillance Monitor on your surveillance video system. You can set up a IntekBox IP monitor on your network, just connect it to a network switch or router, search IP cameras on the network, pick up which camera you want to add the monitor. The monitor can connect IP camera, DVR and NVR device up to eight. You can also set up two more monitors on the network same time, group all IP cameras to Difference IP monitors.  It is much easy to set a spot monitor than the tradition connection way. 

Sketch Map

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